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The Gegham Mountain Range, a plateau-shaped watershed of volcanic origin, includes a large number of extinct volcanoes. The highest point of the watershed is Azhdahak volcano, with a height of 3597m above sea level. At the top of the mountain is a crater, which is occupied by a lake (150x110m). Throughout the year, the lake, with a mirror mark of 3509m, feeds on melt water. Due to changes in lighting, the presence of clouds, time of day and season, the strength and direction of the wind, the view of the crater lake of Azhdahak changes all the time, and the water in the lake is so clear and transparent that the bottom is clearly visible. from all over the world.
Aragats , a lonely extinct volcano, the highest mountain in the territory of modern Armenia and Transcaucasia. This remarkable monument of nature is located at 40 ° 32 east longitude, its central elevation covers an area of ​​more than 820 square kilometers.
In prehistoric times, a volcanic eruption, accompanied by an explosion, destroyed the top of the mountain.
Of course, climbing it will give you a lot of emotions and impressions, and you will visit the highest point of Armenia.

Trekking period: June – September

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Day 1

Yerevan-Sevaberd-Akna Lich

Of particular interest in the Geghama Range is the lake of volcanic origin Ackna. Akna means “eye” in Armenian, and also Akna is the goddess of motherhood and birth in Maya mythology. Transfer to the village Sevaberd. We start our journey from the village of Sevaberd and go 13 km to the mountain lake Akna. Lake Akna is located at an altitude of 3032 meters above sea level in the Gegham Highlands, 6 km from Mount Azhdahak. Lunch (lunchboxes). Camp, kitchen and other luggage, a jeep will take you to the lake. Marching dinner Overnight in tents.

Day 2

Lake Akna Lich - Azhdahak (a nameless lake in a crater) - Duck Lake

Azhdahak in the Armenian mythology of man-vishap (man-dragon). Vishaps, live in high mountains, in big lakes, in the sky and in the clouds. Climbing to the sky or going down, especially on the lakes, they make a roar, sweep away everything in their path. A vishap that has lived for a thousand years can swallow the whole world. Breakfast. Climbing to the top of Mount Azhdak 3597 m. Azhdahak is an extinct volcano, on top of which there is a crater lake. From the top there are views of the Ararat mountains, Aragats, Lake Sevan, as well as the slopes of the Gegham Range and the valley of the Kotayk region. Not far from the Duck Lake, we will set up our second tent camp. A visit to the cave paintings of the early Bronze period (2000 BC) Camp, kitchen and other luggage, a car will take you to the lake. Vertical drop 750m. Transit time 6-7 hours (13 km). Lunch (lunchboxes). Marching dinner Overnight in tents.

Day 3

Lake Vanqi - Geghard village

On the shores of Lake Vanki, we will study Vishapacaras. Vishapakaras (vishapas) are stone falic sculptures depicting ancient mythological creatures. Initially, they were gods or spirits of water and were installed at water sources. Go to the village of Gegard. Height difference 900m. The transition time is 5 hours (11 km). Lunch (lunchboxes). Transfer to Yerevan, with visits to Garni and Geghard temples.

Day 4

Ascent to Aragats.

Breakfast. Transfer to the lake Kara lich. At an altitude of 3200m. The start of the ascent to the Aragats-South summit - 3879 meters. The duration of the ascent is 3-4 hours. Lunch on the top (lunch boxes) Descent to the camp at 3200 m (1.5 hours) Dinner (marching) Overnight in tents by the lake.

Day 5

Trekking to the ruins of the Amberd fortress.

Breakfast. Trekking to Amberd fortress at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level. (4-5 hours). A visit to the historic complex on the slope of Mount Aragats from the castle of the 7th century and the church of the 11th century. Lunch l(unch boxes) Return to Yerevan

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