Antuan Ananyan - coordinator and mastermind of the "White Irbis" team.

Instructor, mountain guide, author of most rock climbing routes in Armenia. Mountaineer, with experience of climbing in many corners of the world - Caucasus, Tien-Shan, Alps, Atlas Mountains, etc. The organizer of the tracks in the Himalayas. A wonderful guide - he knows and loves the history of his native country, generously sharing this love with his guests. Author of the majority of author's tours in Armenia and abroad. Work as a mountain guide in the mountains of Armenia and beyond - since 2002. Years of experience in the field of active, cultural, excursion and corporate tourism. Lifeguard token. Independent guide in Armenia.

We are the "White Irbis" team.

We are market specialists in the field of organizing active and extreme tourism in Armenia. We develop and organize travels and adventures of any degree of complexity - both individual and group (including corporate). We are experienced professionals with all the necessary skills to organize all the types of recreation described.

We are - professionals.

We are also one of the technically and technologically equipped teams in Armenia. This allows us to provide a product that is different from the usual tourist, and is our main competitive advantage in the market. Our material and technical base is all the most necessary equipment and equipment from the best world manufacturers, allowing us to provide quality services for organizing events and expeditions of any degree of complexity.